Our team of medical experts established Skin O2 in 2005 and is dedicated to develop high-performing anti-ageing make up and skincare products to complement our full range of Skin O2 professional in-clinic medi spa solutions. These products are used by leading surgeons, medical professionals and skin spa specialists across the globe.

Skin O2 is the number 1 everyday makeup and skincare choice for Australia’s top models and TV sports stars. It provides high-performance skin protection in the form of makeup as skincare in order to protect your skin against the harsh ageing effect of the sun

Born from the coming-together of three worlds, medical-clinical skincare, post-surgical makeup and cosmetic surgery procedure expertise, Skin O2 Medi-cosmetics combine the effectiveness of non-surgical procedures with the pleasure of beauty treatments in the form of everyday & clinical cosmetics.

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In 1936 Germaine Monteil founded the Brand MONTEIL. In addition to her fashion line she developed her own cosmetic series.

Perfect charisma was her goal- exclusivity, innovation, indulgence and sensuality as well as sophisticated elegance. A tailor-made beauty concept for every woman, which incorporates her complete personality.

In 2011, MONTEIL partnered with BRAIN AG, the leading company in Europe for white biotechnology. Unique understanding of the skin processes, a targeted approach to respect the entire skin functions, and intelligent combination of compounds and maximum concentration of compounds, support the MONTEIL principles of Innovative and Superior products.

MONTEIL’s luxurious lines include Hydro Cell [Beautiful skin with the power of the sea], Acti-Vita [Anti-ageing compound ProCGen], Elixir Metamorphose (Elixir with immediate and long term effect) Synic [Preventive anti-ageing care], Perlance Blanc Pur [the intelligent system for perfect skin].

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AINHOA is a Spanish cosmetic brand that was established in 1996. It has a substantial international presence, and currently exports to over 30 countries throughout Asia, America and Europe.

AINHOA’s wide range of products are formulated with natural ingredients and are developed to fulfill AINHOA’s principles of Quality and Results

The facial and body treatments are completed with ampoules, serums and innovative care products. All products are manufactured with vegetal components that guarantee excellent quality. AINHOA’s innovative lines include Luxury Diamond [with Diamond Powder], Luxe Gold [with Caviar extract] and Whitess [for over-pigmented skins].

The exclusive selection of high concentrated active ingredients provide effective cosmetic treatments for care of every type of skin.

These include Luxe [stimulates, regenerates and renew the cellular structures], Senskin [for sensitive skins], and Spa Luxury which provides a natural range of luxurious body products

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